Procurement apprenticeships

Types of apprenticeships you can apply for in the procurement sector.

Every organisation has to buy goods and services and this means that procurement people work everywhere from global corporations to market stalls.

Training opportunities

For many organisations, their biggest cost is the goods and services bought from third parties. Effective procurement is a function which is key to all businesses, with the ability to assure value for money and effectively manage risk through strategic sourcing, purchasing and supply chain management determining if operations continue.

Procurement is a key role within the logistics sector in terms of managing supply chains. The process of procurement includes preparation and processing of a product or service as well as the end receipt and approval of payment.

It often involves:

  • purchase planning
  • supplier research and selection
  • value analysis
  • price negotiation
  • financing
  • making the purchase
  • supply contract administration
  • inventory control and stores

Types of apprenticeships

The procurement advanced apprenticeship encourages entry into and progression through the procurement and supply chain industry.

Job roles

Advanced apprentices may work as:

  • assistant buyers
  • assistant contract officers
  • contracts analysts
  • stock/inventory controller/planner
Published 14 November 2014