Pay the Spirit Drinks Verification Scheme fee

Find out how to pay your verification fee for the Spirit Drinks Verification Scheme.

If you apply to join the Spirit Drinks Verification Scheme, you’ll need to pay a fee. Check how much your verification fee will be for:

The verification fee is non-refundable and outside the scope of VAT.

Why you need to pay

HMRC manages the verification scheme with the intention of recovering only our administration costs each financial year. These include salary, overhead costs of staff carrying out verification work and travel expenses.

The fees charged for UK processes are reviewed annually to ensure that charges match the verification scheme costs to HMRC. Fees are adjusted every 2 years to reflect anticipated costs and account for deficits or surpluses to provide equity during the 2-year rolling programme of verification visits.

We’ll publish any changes to the fees in the relevant technical guidance, and issue invoices to you for the verification fees using the information provided on your application.

HMRC will consult the industry if substantial changes are required to the fee structure.

When you need to pay

After you’ve applied to join the scheme, or submitted an Undertaking, we’ll send you an invoice covering your fee for registration and verification.

You’ll need to pay your fee:

  • before a verification visit can be arranged, if applicable - you’ll only be visited if you’re a producer in the UK
  • within 30 days of the date on the invoice

If you do not pay

You’ll receive one reminder that your invoice is unpaid. If your payment is not received:

  • you’ll not receive your verification visit, if applicable
  • you’ll be deemed non-compliant from the date we give you
  • details of your verified production facilities will be amended, removed or not included on the look-up service
  • any products produced after the date we give you will not be verified - details will be amended, removed or not included on the list of verified brands on the look-up service
  • we may inform the designated enforcement authority

How to pay

You can pay online via your own bank or through telephone banking.

Online or telephone banking, CHAPS or Bacs

Use these details to pay by Faster Payments, CHAPS or Bacs.

Sort code Account number Account name
20 50 46 73987795 HMRC Accounts Receivable Receipts

Overseas payments

Use these details to pay from an overseas account.

Bank identifier code (BIC) / Swift code Account number (IBAN) Account name
BARCGB22 GB61 BARC 2050 4673 9877 95 HMRC Accounts Receivable Receipts

HMRC’s banking address is:

Barclays Bank Plc
1 Churchill Place
United Kingdom
E14 5HP

Before you pay

After you’ve applied for the Spirit Drinks Verification Scheme, we’ll send you an invoice including a 14-digit reference number.

You’ll need this reference number to pay your fee. Your payment may be delayed if you use the wrong number.

How much time to allow

The time you need to allow depends on how you pay. You should also check your bank’s transaction limits and processing times before making a payment.

Payment method Time to allow
Online or telephone banking (Faster Payments) Same or next day
CHAPS Same or next day
Bacs 3 working days

If the deadline to pay the verification fee falls on a weekend or bank holiday, make sure your payment reaches us on the last working day before it, unless you’re paying by Faster Payments (online or telephone banking).

Published 30 October 2014
Last updated 29 February 2016 + show all updates
  1. Overseas payment details updated.

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