Notice of initiation of a review of steel safeguard measures (Tariff stop press notice 17)

Find out more on the latest changes to steel safeguard measures.

The European Commission has announced in the Official Journal, ref. 2019/C169/08, dated 17 May 2019 the start of a review of safeguard measures on 26 steel products.

The scope of the review will cover:

  • the level and allocation of tariff-rate quota for a number of specific product categories
  • crowding out of traditional trade flows
  • potential detrimental effects in achieving the integration objectives pursued with preferential trading partners
  • an update of the list of developing World Trade Organisation member countries excluded from the scope of the measures based on their most recent level of imports
  • other changes of circumstances that may require an adjustment to the level of allocation of the tariff-rate quota

The Commission will complete this review in the shortest timeframe and aim to be concluded before 30 September 2019. As a result no hearings can be arranged.

All interested parties are invited to make known their views, submit information and provide supporting evidence to the Commission, within 15 days from 17 May 2019. Read the notice for instructions.


List of product categories subject to definitive safeguard measures:

Product Number Product category
1 non alloy and other alloy hot rolled sheets and strips
2 non alloy and other alloy hot rolled sheets
3.A electrical sheets (other than GOES)
3.B electrical sheets (other than GOES)
4.A metallic coated sheets
4.B metallic coated sheets
5 organic coated sheets
6 tin mill products
7 non alloy and other alloy quarto plates
8 stainless hot rolled sheets and strips
9 stainless cold rolled sheets and strips
10 stainless hot rolled quarto plates
12 non alloy and other alloy merchant bars and light sections
13 rebars
14 stainless bars and light sections
15 stainless wire rod
16 non alloy and other alloy wire rod
17 angles, shapes and sections of iron or non alloy steel
18 sheet piling
19 railway material
20 gas pipes
21 hollow sections
22 seamless stainless tubes and pipes
24 other seamless tubes
25 large welded tubes
27 non alloy and other alloy cold finished bars
28 non alloy wire

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Published 20 May 2019