Nationally significant infrastructure projects: how to submit an application for development consent

How to submit an application for development consent on a Nationally significant infrastructure project

Applies to England and Wales

We advise Applicants to contact us before completing the form to ensure that all documentation is provided correctly.

For more information see the government’s application form guidance and the Planning Inspectorate’s advice for applicants on the preparation and submission of application documents.

The application form contains functionality not supported by all browsers. We suggest using Adobe Reader to complete the forms. Clicking on the form link allows you to save the file or open it in Adobe Reader. If you encounter any issues, you can also try a different method: right-click on the link and choose the ‘Save Link As…’ option or the equivalent in your specific browser. This will allow you to download the form directly to your device for completion in Adobe Reader.

If you have problems downloading the form please email

Adobe reader can be downloaded at PDF reader Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Please note that guidance is also embedded in the application form itself.

Development Consent Application Form (PDF 1 MB).

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Published 1 January 2012

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