Mosquitoes: how to report

Explanation of the collecting, reporting and identification of mosquitoes in the UK.

Public Health England’s mosquito reporting system collates data on the distribution of all British mosquitoes. All records are available from the National Biodiversity Network (NBN) Gateway for research and public use.

Why we collect mosquitoes

We collate and enhance existing data on the distribution of all British mosquitoes to fill the gaps in our current understanding of mosquito distributions and encourage the sharing of up-to-date distribution data.

This will improve our understanding of the public health risk posed by mosquitoes and mosquito-borne infections.

We do not currently test mosquitoes for any pathogens they may carry.

The reporting system aims to:

  • promote the surveillance of mosquitoes in the UK
  • understand the impact of mosquitoes and their biting nuisance on people
  • detect exotic mosquito species

Individuals and groups are invited to help in the development of the database on mosquito distributions. This can be done by submitting a photograph or by sending in any mosquitoes collected, along with details of:

  • date of collection
  • specific location (grid reference)
  • general location (nearest town or village)
  • local habitat (eg woodland, pasture)
  • contact details of the individual sending in the sample

Sending mosquitoes to us

PHE relies upon members of the public, entomologists, researchers, ecology consultants, wildlife groups and other to submit mosquitoes to the scheme.

Please complete the mosquito reporting form (MS Word Document, 34KB) and send it along with any mosquitoes collected to the address at the bottom of the page.

  1. If more than 1 mosquito is collected from different habitats or locations, they should be placed in separate labelled containers.

  2. If more than 1 mosquito is collected from the same habitat on the same day, they may be sent in 1 container.

  3. Live mosquitoes should be placed in a container and put in the freezer for 10 minutes in order to kill them.

  4. They should then be sent as soon as possible to the address below, together with the completed reporting form.

  5. Please send any mosquitoes collected in a crush-proof, plastic container (eg an old camera film case, or alternatively plastic vials can be supplied on request to the address or email below).

  6. All specimens sent will be identified and we will reply by email.

Please send mosquitoes to:

Mosquito reporting

Medical entomology
Public Health England

Porton Down

Published 1 April 2013