Making a simplified frontier declaration

How to use the simplified declaration procedure when importing goods into the UK.

You should check if you need to declare the goods you bring into the UK, before you make a simplified frontier declaration.

You must be authorised to use simplified procedures.

You can import your goods on a simplified frontier declaration unless your goods are:

  • imported under ATA procedures
  • imported under authorisation by declaration

Check the guidance on Ineligible goods and procedures to find out if you can use the simplified declaration procedure to declare your goods.

Find out about other declarations you can make when importing goods.

Before you submit

An entry summary declaration will normally have been lodged for your goods by the carrier while they were travelling to the UK or, in some cases, before the goods were loaded.

You or your representative must present your goods to customs immediately when they arrive in the UK.

If you’re using roll on roll off ports or other listed locations, you’ll need to make a simplified frontier declaration before your goods arrive.

You’ll also need to arrive your simplified frontier declaration on the system manually by 11:59pm on the day after the day on which the goods arrived.

How to submit

You must submit your simplified frontier declaration to the CHIEF system or the Customs Declaration Service.

The declaration will need the:

You also need to give information like:

  • the departure point and destination
  • the consignee and consignor
  • the type, amount and packaging of your goods
  • transport methods and costs
  • currencies and valuation methods
  • certificates and licences

Find out the boxes you need to complete on your declaration in:

You’ll be sent a message through CHIEF or the Customs Declaration Service when customs have cleared your goods.

Controlled and restricted goods

You must enter restricted goods on your declaration as controlled. You’ll need to present your licence or certificate to release your goods.

You must also treat the following goods as controlled if you use simplified declarations:

  • Agricultural Policy goods
  • excise goods
  • unmanufactured tobacco, not stemmed or stripped
  • unmanufactured tobacco, partly or wholly stemmed or stripped
  • tobacco refuse

After you submit

After you’ve submitted your simplified frontier declaration, you’ll need to complete a supplementary declaration.

Published 5 November 2019
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