Make things accessible

Make sure your technology, infrastructure and systems are accessible for users.

To meet point 2 of the Technology Code of Practice your plan or design must show how you’re making technology inclusive.

You’ll have to explain how you’re doing this as part of the spend control process.

How making things accessible and inclusive will help your programme

Your technology project or programme will benefit from:

  • following the law set out in the Equality Act 2010
  • reading about the ‘New accessibility regulations for public sector websites and apps’
  • making your technology work for as many users as possible
  • being assured that all staff members on your team will be able to easily access the information and infrastructure needed to do their work including services such as online office suites, network shares, project management software and HR suites
  • being assured that there will be no barrier to employing people with specific access needs

How to make your technology accessible and inclusive

Your research must include users with a range of abilities. Make sure your technology and systems can be used by a diverse set of users by:

Published 6 November 2017