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The digital buying community exists to:

  • make sure that procurement practices support agile ways of working
  • create and support a peer group of buyers across government
  • share knowledge and best practice for buying digital and technology services
  • discuss common challenges and develop solutions
  • build commercial awareness across central government and the wider public sector

Who the community is for

The community is for buyers of digital data and technology services across central government and wider public sector, particularly those using the Digital Marketplace.

This includes:

  • procurement managers
  • contract managers
  • commercial leads
  • delivery teams involved in buying
  • operations teams involved in buying

Get involved


If you’re interested in getting involved in the digital buying community, you can:

If you have a question, email

Training and events

The Crown Commercial Service runs workshops in departments every month, to help buyers get the most out of the Digital Marketplace. If you think your team might benefit from a workshop, call 0345 410 2222.

The community also has meet ups every 2 months. Join the Knowledge Hub to make sure you’re notified.

Community resources

If you’re a buyer using the Digital Marketplace for the first time, start by reading the Digital Marketplace buyer’s guide.

Other resources are:

  • the Technology Code of Practice, which covers the principles departments must follow to get spending approval
  • the Supplier Standard, which covers how government should work with digital and technology providers
  • the Service Standard, which covers how delivery teams should build and operate services
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