Service Standard

The Service Standard helps teams to create and run great public services.

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  1. 1. Understand users and their needs

  2. 2. Solve a whole problem for users

  3. 3. Provide a joined up experience across all channels

  4. 4. Make the service simple to use

  5. 5. Make sure everyone can use the service

  6. 6. Have a multidisciplinary team

  7. 7. Use agile ways of working

  8. 8. Iterate and improve frequently

  9. 9. Create a secure service which protects users’ privacy

  10. 10. Define what success looks like and publish performance data

  11. 11. Choose the right tools and technology

  12. 12. Make new source code open

  13. 13. Use and contribute to open standards, common components and patterns

  14. 14. Operate a reliable service