Define user needs

Understand your users and their needs. Develop knowledge of your users and what that means for your technology project or programme.

To meet point 1 of the Technology Code of Practice you must show you understand your users and their needs.

You’ll have to explain how you’re doing this as part of the spend control process.

How user research will help your programme

Doing user research will help your technology project or programme by identifying:

  • any risks to introducing or changing the technology
  • the skills needed to deliver, use and manage the technology
  • the technologies that service support teams will need for their end users
  • the commercial and operational needs, for example, the need to decommission an obsolete mainframe in order to create a more resilient data and service tier

User research can also:

  • make sure that services such as online office suites, network shares, project management software and HR suites really do meet your users’ needs
  • support internal agreement of what you want the technology to help you achieve

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Published 6 November 2017