Make multiple claims using the County Court Business Centre

Use the County Court Business Centre (CCBC) in Northampton to make bulk claims against customers who have defaulted on their payments.


If you need to take court action against a number of customers who have defaulted on payments, use the Secure Data Transfer system at the CCBC in Northampton.

This service is designed to help local authorities, credit card/utility companies or banks making multiple (or bulk) claims of 10 or more a day.

Once you’ve registered your organisation, the CCBC will process multiple claims. Northampton County Court will send out notices to the people you’re claiming against. If they don’t pay, the case may go to a county court hearing.

There’s no minimum issue for claims and warrants.

Use the Secure Data Transfer system

How to register

Email to register for an account.

About Secure Data Transfer

You can:

  • submit bulk claims online
  • pay digitally via Direct Debit with monthly or weekly invoicing
  • track the progress of a case online, in real time
  • retrieve and review defences on line

You can also view the following online:

  • claim issues
  • entries of judgement (or rejection of application)
  • warrants of execution (or rejection of application)
  • dates and locations of transfers out of the CCBC
  • payments or claim withdrawals
  • applications to set aside and to vary the judgements

How to pay

Check the fees and then pay by Direct Debit.

Make sure you pay within 5 working days of submitting your files.



Published 1 October 2014
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