Leading in a multidisciplinary environment

The Civil Service Leadership Academy provides leaders with a knowledge and understanding of the core disciplines that underpin the civil service.

To provide confident and powerful leadership in a multidisciplinary environment, leaders need a depth of knowledge and understanding of the core disciplines that underpin the work of the Civil Service. This includes key professions and functions, and the core Civil Service discipline of politics. The Leadership Academy can support you to develop and broaden capability through a range of workshops, resources, and events.

What senior leaders need to know

The guide What leaders need to know (PDF, 1.19MB, 7 pages) sets out the knowledge, skills and behaviours that all senior leaders should seek to acquire in finance, commercial, project delivery, digital, data and technology, operational delivery, and legal, in order to provide effective cross-functional leadership. This will help you identify gaps in your capability so you can target your development.

Core knowledge learning

A suite of learning opportunities providing an essential grounding in core Civil Service disciplines. Designed specifically for senior Civil Servants, in partnership with the professions, functions and parliament, focusing on the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to lead in a multidisciplinary environment.

Online learning

The following learning can be completed online, for free.

The spending journey: introduction to effective management of public money.

Developed for the Leadership Academy by the Government Finance Academy (GFA), this online learning presentation provides an overview of how money moves around government, to help senior leaders understand their roles and accountabilities in forecasting and managing spend. This will help you understand how public spending is planned and controlled, the activities involved in translating policy decisions into practical solutions, and key government financial principles.

Workshops and seminars

The following events are now scheduled, and available for all senior leaders.

Workshops covering other core disciplines will be added in the coming months.

Area Title Date
Politics Parliamentary Insights: delegated legislation 22 Feb
Legal Law in government: 10 questions you’re too senior to ask 7 Mar
Policy Generation Rent: the implications for public policy 13 Mar
Finance The spending journey: introduction to the effective management of public money 14 Mar
Politics Parliamentary Insights: select committees 15 Mar
Finance 10 questions about finance you’re too senior to ask 19 Mar
Politics Leading in Parliament 16 April
Politics Parliamentary Insights: debates and voting 19 Apr
Commercial Commercial skills for leaders 26 Apr
Project delivery Orchestrating major projects orientation. To register your interest, email here 27 Apr
Policy Implementation Insights 3 May
Politics Parliamentary Insights: pre- and post-legislative scrutiny 10 May
Politics Parliamentary Insights: parliamentary questions 7 June
Finance The spending journey: introduction to the effective management of public money 8 June
Politics Parliamentary Insights: introduction to Parliament 12 July

Experience-sharing events

Drawing from the experiences of other senior leaders and sharing ideas is an essential way for leaders to develop. Through the Leadership Academy, senior leaders will have access to a range of seminars and events, aimed at generating dialogue, and learning from other Senior Civil Servants about their experiences of leading in a multidisciplinary environment.

Support from a specialist peer

We can match you with a peer from within the commercial, project delivery, and digital, data and technology professions, who can offer advice and guidance, and support you when leading outside your own areas of expertise. Drawing from the knowledge and experience of specialist peers will help broaden your understanding of core disciplines, and should be a key source of support.

Please contact the relevant mailbox to arrange contact:

Experiential and immersive learning

Going forward, we will introduce a range of immersive and experiential learning, to embed, practice and hone the capabilities required to lead in a multidisciplinary environment. These will provide very practical and ‘hands-on’ development opportunities, to take your learning to a deeper level.

Published 27 September 2017
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