Known supply problems with animal medicines

Reported problems with the supply of an animal medicine and the date when the issue is expected to be resolved.

Companies are encouraged to report supply problems to the Veterinary Medicines Directorate.

Where a supply problem exists and there is no alternative product, vets may prescribe using the cascade. Vets are reminded that it is their responsibility to apply use of the Cascade appropriately based on clinical need

More information can be found on The Cascade: Prescribing unauthorised medicines page.

For non-UK products vets must apply for a certificate to import a Veterinary Medicine into the UK.

For information on manufacturers of extemporaneous products, please read the ManSA Register

Supply problems exist with the following products

Vaccine for immunisation against ringworm

The VMD is aware of a supply problem for Bovilis Ringvac (Intervet UK Ltd), indicated for the active immunisation of cattle to reduce clinical signs of ringworm caused by Trichophyton verrucosum.

Due to the clinical need for a vaccine of this indication in the UK, the VMD has approved ‘Trichoben’ for import. ‘Trichoben’ is authorised in both the Czech Republic and Netherlands as per the following

Product: Trichoben
Country of Origin: Czech Republic
MA number: 97/200/92-C
Product: Trichoben
Country of Origin: Netherlands
MA Number: REG NL 121040
Distributor Contact Details Animal Health Distributors. email: or telephone: 07804 601851 or +353 87 230 2034

To address the supply problem, veterinary surgeons may consider use of the above products under the cascade once the necessary import certificate has been obtained. If veterinary surgeons are aware of any other alternative vaccines, they can submit an SIC application for these vaccines. Each application will be assessed on its individual merits.

In advance of applying for SICs for any product it is recommended that the supplier is contacted to ensure that sufficient stock is available to meet your needs.

More information can be found on the VMD’s Special Import Scheme guidance page.

Products containing acepromazine for anaesthetic premedication, tranquilisation and sedation in horses

Following the granting of a marketing authorisation the VMD have been informed that there is availability of a 10mg/ml acepromazine solution for injection:

  • AceSedate 10mg/ml solution for injection for horses Vm: 25296/4008

Therefore the VMD will no longer issue import certificates for alternative acepromazine products, including:

  • Calmivet solution for injection (5mg/ml), licensed in France
  • Vetranquiol 1% solution for injection (10mg/ml), licensed in Germany and Netherlands

This will take effect immediately.

Existing certificates will remain valid until their date of expiry, however veterinary surgeons are reminded to apply the Cascade responsibly and use UK authorised product where available.

2mg/ml presentations are also available. Information on authorised acepromazine-containing products is available on the VMD’s Product Information Database.

Vaccines for immunisation against Leptospira hardjo and Leptospira borgpetersenii

The VMD have been informed that there is now supply of two UK authorised Leptospirosis vaccines indicated for cattle: Leptavoid-H Suspension for Injection for Cattle Vm: 01708/4568 and Spirovac Vm: 42058/4134.

The VMD will no longer accept applications to import alternative products BioBos L injection for cattle, licensed in Czech Republic or Spirovac, licensed in the USA.

Viper Venom Antiserum for veterinary use (adder bite antivenom)

There is no viper venom antiserum licensed in the UK for the treatment of adder bites in animals.

VMD accept applications to import European Viper Antiserum from Biomed (Poland) and Institute of Immunology, Zagreb (Croatia).

Before submitting an application contact the relevant manufacturer to ensure they are able to supply the quantity of product you wish to import.

Contact details of the approved manufacturers

Wytwornia Surowic i szczepionek BIOMED Ltd
Ul. Chelmska 30/34
00-725 Warsaw
Phone. 022 841 4071

Institute of Immunology
Rockefellerova 2
10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Phone +385 1 46 84 500

In urgent cases the antivenom may be supplied, purchased and used prior to the special treatment certificate being obtained from the VMD. This is a special dispensation made for this clinical condition only.

Published 30 September 2014
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  7. The VMD have been informed that there is availability of a 10mg/ml acepromazine solution for injection therefore Import certificates for alternative acepromazine products will no longer issued by VMD.

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