Known supply problems with animal medicines

Reported problems with the supply of an animal medicine and the date when the issue is expected to be resolved.

Companies are encouraged to report supply problems to the Veterinary Medicines Directorate.

Where a supply problem exists and there is no alternative product, vets may prescribe using the cascade.

More information can be found on The Cascade: Prescribing unauthorised medicines page.

For non-UK products vets must apply for a certificate to import a Veterinary Medicine into the UK.

Supply problems exist with the following products

Nobilis Erysipelas (Vm01708/4546)

Product indicated for active immunisation of turkeys to reduce mortality caused by Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae.

It is estimated supplies will return to normal in September 2016.

Adequan Products:

  • Adequan 100 mg/ml solution for injection (Vm12501/4174)
  • Adequan 250 mg/ml solution for injection (Vm12501/4173)
  • Adequan IM 500 mg/5 ml solution for injection (Vm12501/4175). Products indicated for the treatment of lameness in horses due to traumatic or degenerative aseptic joint disease. These products are no longer available within the UK or EU.

Avian Encephalomyelitis Vaccines:

  • Poulvac AE Lyophilisate for suspension in drinking water (Vm42058/4097) Product indicated for active immunisation of future layers and breeding hens to provide passive immunity to reduce vertical transmission of avian infectious encephalomyelitis virus.
  • Nobilis AE 1143 (Vm01708/4281) Product indicated for active immunisation of breeding chickens to reduce vertical transmission and the adverse effects on egg lay and hatchability due to avian encephalopathy and to induce passive immunity against infection with avian encephalomyelitis (epidemic tremor) in the progeny in the critical first few weeks of their life.

It is not known when supplies will return.

Viper Venom Antiserum for veterinary use (adder bite antivenom)

There is no viper venom antiserum licensed in the UK for the treatment of adder bites in animals.

VMD accept applications to import European Viper Antiserum from Biomed (Poland) and Institute of Immunology, Zagreb (Croatia).

Before submitting an application contact the relevant manufacturer to ensure they are able to supply the quantity of product you wish to import.

Contact details of the approved manufacturers

Wytwornia Surowic i szczepionek BIOMED Ltd
Ul. Chelmska 30/34
00-725 Warsaw
Phone. 022 841 4071

Institute of Immunology
Rockefellerova 2
10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Phone +385 1 46 84 500

In urgent cases the antivenom may be supplied, purchased and used prior to the special treatment certificate being obtained from the VMD. This is a special dispensation made for this clinical condition only.

ACP Injection 10mg/ml solution for injection (Vm12501/4125)

Product indicated for anaesthetic premedication, tranquilisation and sedation in horses.

It is not known when stocks will be available.

VMD is aware of two EU alternatives containing the active ingredient acepromazine maleate, Calmivet solution for injection (5mg/ml), licensed in France and Vetranquil 1% solution for injection (10mg/ml), licensed in Germany and the Netherlands.

Applications to import this product for use in horses (only) are currently accepted.