Jewellery silversmithing and allied trades apprenticeships

Types of apprenticeships that you can apply for in the jewellery silversmithing and allied trades sector.

This apprenticeship covers all areas of design, creating and repairing jewellery using both modern and traditional techniques.

Training opportunities

As an intermediate level apprentice you could learn skills like:

  • working with tools, machinery and equipment within the workshop to create and repair jewellery
  • working as a goldsmith or jeweller, working in gold and silver producing jewellery

As an advanced level apprentice you could work as diamond mounter, creating precise items for expensive precious stones often in traditional styles. Or you could work as a computer-aided design (CAD) technician or CAD designer, using CAD skills to specific requirements or specifications to produce and design computer aided design models of jewellery and silversmithing items.

Types of apprenticeships

Intermediate level apprenticeship

You could train in roles like:

  • jewellery technician
  • slversmith
  • engraver
  • gem setter
  • polisher or finisher
  • enameller
  • goldsmith or jeweller
  • CAD/CAM worker
  • jobbing jeweller

Advanced level apprenticeship

You’ll take on more specialised roles like:

  • manufacturing jeweller
  • jeweller
  • diamond mounter
  • goldsmith
  • precious metal caster
  • modelmaker
  • silversmith
  • smallworker
  • silver Spinner
  • chaser
  • manufacturing jeweller
  • mounter
  • CAD technician
  • CAD designer
  • hand engraver
  • machine engraver
  • polisher
  • polisher or finisher
  • polishes
  • diamond and precious stone setter

Apply for a jewellery silversmithing and allied trades apprenticeship

You can become an apprentice in England if you’re:

  • 16 or over
  • eligible to work in England
  • not in full-time education
Published 12 April 2012