Initial teacher training (ITT) data management system

Data management system for ITT providers and lead schools involved in School Direct.


The ITT data management system provides access to:

  • information on the universities, colleges and schools that provide initial teacher training (ITT)
  • ITT providers to register and confirm their ITT places/courses
  • lead schools to register and manage their School Direct courses
  • ITT providers to complete their census return and access reports
  • ITT providers to upload, review, validate and modify trainee data
  • ITT Providers performance profiles

Access to the data management system for lead schools

Lead schools can register for School Direct places by accessing the schools data management system. New lead schools are required to create an account.

Before creating an account you should read the short guide which describes the information that you need to start the registration process.

Access to the higher educational institute (HEI) data management system for ITT providers

As a university you should log in using the HEI data management system.

As a school-centred initial teacher training provider (SCITT) you should log in using the Department for Education (DfE) data management system.

Password and support

If you have forgotten your password, please request a new one from the relevant data management system homepage.

If you have any problems accessing the data management system, please contact:

A user guide is available with more detailed instructions in the help section on the data management system.

Email confirmation

As part of the allocations registration process it is the responsibility of the lead school (in the case of School Direct courses) or ITT provider (for provider-led courses) to ensure that requests are submitted in a timely and accurate manner. The data management system will generate an automatic email when you submit or confirm course information. This email is confirmation and proof that your request has been submitted. If you don’t receive this email within 24 hours, please contact, as we may not have received your request. Otherwise we cannot guarantee your request will be considered.

DfE cannot be held responsible if emails are not received because the user has registered with an invalid or incorrect email address.

For further information, read the initial teacher training (ITT): requesting places 2018 to 2019 guidance.

Published 3 August 2015