Information required from and published about registered providers

The information we require registered providers of social housing to submit to us and the information on them that we publish.

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The register of social housing providers

As regulator, we maintain a statutory register of social housing providers (the register) which lists private providers (not-for-profit and for-profit) and local authority providers. Most not-for-profit providers are also known as housing associations.

The following information is held on the register for each private registered provider (not local authorities):

  • a governing instruments folder, in which the provider’s governing document is saved
  • annual accounts, which will include a value for money self-assessment (all providers are required to publish an annual self-assessment of their performance in delivering value for money)
  • Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) certificate of registration

A list of current registered providers is published at the beginning of each month. It lists: name, registration number, registered office address, type of provider, registration date and legal entity. We also publish a list of changes to the register each month; that is new registrations and de-registrations.

You can arrange to view the full register by emailing us at or by telephone on 0300 1234 500.

Data collection

The HCA publishes data from the statistical data return (SDR), an annual online survey that must be completed by all private registered providers of social housing in England (not local authorities). This annual survey collects data on things such as the number of homes they own and manage, the location and types of homes, the rents they charge, and sales and acquisitions.

Data in the SDR are classed as official statistics and published as a statistical release. Statistical release documents, accompanying tables and a full data set are available.

Download an extract of the current statistical data return. This allows you to search to find registered providers with homes in a particular local authority area.

How registered providers should make a data return

The HCA collects this financial and statistical data from private registered providers through NROSH+.

NROSH+ is a website for all private registered providers (except local authority providers) to submit their annual data returns – the information and supporting documents which we require so we can regulate them effectively.

As a provider, it is essential that you supply accurate and timely data – the data returns are an important way in which we monitor big financial risks and regulate the sector.

As regulator, where we have evidence that data returns do not meet the required quality standards, or are not submitted on time, we will challenge providers. Our conclusions may then be reflected in our published regulatory judgements.

More information on data returns is included in the HCA document Regulating the Standards.

What data is required and the date by which it should be sent to the regulator

The table below sets out the 2015 to 2016 deadlines for submission of data to the regulator. It also details the specific information that should be provided and includes links to forms that registered providers should use.

All private registered providers, including those that own fewer than 1,000 homes must complete and submit a statistical data return to NROSH+. All providers owning 1,000 or more homes, must also submit the other regulatory returns set out in the table to NROSH+.

Please submit returns as early as possible.

Local authorities do not need to submit these data returns.

Data returns Deadline
Statistical Data Return 31 May 2015
Financial Forecast Return (FFR)   To be accompanied with business plan and other supporting documentation. 30 June 2015 final deadline for all providers with 31 March financial year end. If this deadline presents practical issues, please contact your lead financial regulator. Providers are encouraged to submit within 6 weeks of their business plan being approved by their board, where this is earlier than 30 June 2015.
Quarterly Survey 2 weeks after each quarter end, 3 weeks after quarter end for quarter 4.
Electronic Annual Accounts 6 months after financial year end.

Regulatory documents

  • Audited accounts
  • Audit management letter
  • Fraud report

These should be submitted no later than 6 months after financial year end.

Quarterly Survey 2014 to 2015 submission dates

Quarter Opening date Closing date
Q4 20 March 2015 23 April 2015

Quarterly Survey 2015 to 2016 submission dates

Quarter Opening date Closing date
Q1 19 June 2015 14 July 2015
Q2 18 September 2015 14 October 2015
Q3 18 December 2015 15 January 2016
Q4 18 March 2016 21 April 2016

Annual accounts and audit management letters

The process for submitting annual accounts and audit management letters, including the potential regulatory action for those that submit them late, is detailed in Guidance on submitting annual accounts (MS Word Document, 50.5 KB); and also explained in the Letter to registered provider chief executives on submission of annual accounts (MS Word Document, 55.8 KB) in August 2014.

How to use NROSH+

To use NROSH+ effectively, it is important that you:

  • log into the NROSH+ website
  • update your contact and organisational information. This is important as we will regularly update providers on any changes to our data collection process using the contact details logged in NROSH+
  • use the latest templates for each return to prepare and submit data
  • use the guidance provided on the NROSH+ site
  • submit data as early as possible, within the survey period, to allow for data to be checked

Queries about NROSH+

Questions about using NROSH+ should be sent to the Referrals and Regulatory Enquiries Team or telephone 0300 1234 500

Other publications containing provider information

In December 2013 we published the results of a perception survey undertaken with registered providers. The survey captured perceptions of our regulatory framework and regulatory approach, including how we conduct our regulation, how well we communicate and how we can improve in the future.

Results from the 2013 stakeholder survey of registered providers (PDF, 300 KB, 9 pages)

Results from the 2013 stakeholder survey of registered providers - appendix 1 (PDF, 288 KB, 9 pages)

Results from the 2013 stakeholder survey of registered providers - appendix 2 (PDF, 260 KB, 8 pages)

Four times a year we publish a quarterly survey. This sets out information such as the amount of borrowing registered providers have taken and where they got it from, the number of affordable home ownership homes they have built and sold, and the number of market sale homes they have built and sold.

We also publish an annual summary of the financial status of registered providers. This is called the Global Accounts of Housing Providers and sets out information such as registered providers’ income and costs, the value of their housing assets and the level of borrowing that they have.

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