How we’re using our technology service principles

The Crown Commercial Service technology service principles help us to continually improve the way technology is bought across government and the public sector.

Here’s how we are using the principles to help us innovate.

Start with user needs: buyers and suppliers

Over 200 buyers and suppliers participated in pre-procurement market engagement for Network Services, helping us to shape all aspects of the procurement.

We collaborated with Pro5, the Local Government Association and the London ICT Programme in the development of Local Authority Software Applications. Over 100 local authorities also gave us their views. This led to the agreement being highly commended in the Government Opportunities Procurement Innovation or Initiative of the Year award and shortlisted for best collaboration project at the Society of Procurement Officer awards.

Design simple, competitive, innovative commercial solutions and opportunities

We’ve replaced a large number of agreements with 8 simpler cross-government solutions. These typically offer buyers immediate cost savings for small orders, and larger savings for more complex or higher volume requirements.

Technology Services has opened up the market by helping customers break down large single supplier contracts into smaller contracts. This is supporting the UK growth agenda by opening up market opportunities to SMEs.

Customers can buy low value/low volume common Technology Products directly via an online catalogue, without the need to run a further competition.

Local Authority Software Applications also has the option of an online catalogue to buy common software and business applications and associated services.

Provide clear commercial insight that helps make savings

Our commercial and technical software licensing knowledge is helping buyers achieve substantial cost reductions. Over £85 million was saved in 2014/15.

Management information helps us to constantly check supplier markup and day rates - this means we can challenge suppliers and ensure all buyers are getting the best value.

Grown the government supply chain

  • 89% of G-Cloud 7 suppliers are SMEs
  • 77% of Digital Services suppliers are SMEs
  • 67% of Local Authority Software Applications suppliers are SMEs
  • 54% of Technology Services suppliers are SMEs
  • SMEs that have won Enterprise Application Support Services contracts are providing support services for Oracle and SAP applications at 50% less than the software owners

Use technology and digital solutions to improve the buying process

G-Cloud is on the Digital Marketplace providing direct access to an online catalogue for commodity cloud services, helping buyers move from traditional technology to cloud based commodities.

Digital Services is on the Digital Marketplace providing buyers with access to a pool of digital service providers who can research, design and build digital services using open source and open standards.

A technology catalogue provides a direct way to buy through the Technology Products and Network Services agreements. The catalogue provides an OJEU compliant solution for ​buyers looking to make low value purchases and competitive rates.

We’re using YouTube videos to share information with new suppliers.

Support open data expansion and open source creation

We worked with the London ICT Programme on their supplier relationship development programme. By focusing on 5 software application providers and an improved deal for London we removed the large disparity on the prices individual boroughs were paying.

Maximise the Crown’s buying power

In 2014/15 we saved our customers (and ultimately taxpayers) £640 million against a 2009/10 baseline. Specific examples include:

  • 137 NHS customers are £2.2 million over 2 years by combining their text message service needs
  • A large central government department with 50 agencies will save £640,000 over 2 years by combining their mobile service requirements
  • A county council has saved £500,000 through a joint further competition for technology products
  • Memoranda of Understanding are achieving discounts for organisations using the collective buying power of the Crown
Published 23 October 2015