How to publish on GOV.UK

Guidance for government editors and publishers about how to create and edit documents and organisation pages.

  1. Introduction and access to Whitehall publisher Understand how Whitehall publisher works and how you access it.
  2. Markdown Using Markdown to format content in Whitehall publisher.
  3. Creating and updating pages How to create, edit and tag content in Whitehall publisher.
  4. Reviewing and publishing content Information about the workflow in Whitehall publisher, and how to review documents including the '2i' process.
  5. Unpublishing and withdrawing ('archiving') How and when to remove or retire content from GOV.UK.
  6. Images and videos Add an image or video to GOV.UK.
  7. Tables and graphs How to include tables, graphs and bar charts in your pages.
  8. Organisation pages How to create, edit and add content to your organisation pages.
  9. People and roles How to create people and roles and special instructions for creating ministers.
  10. Groups Types of groups, creating and editing groups.
  11. Translations How to add, edit or delete a translated document.
  12. Worldwide Creating and editing world location news pages, navigation pages and worldwide organisation pages.
  13. Consultations Create, update and conclude a consultation on GOV.UK.
  14. Statistics How to create and edit statistics announcements and publications.
  15. Publishing accessible documents How to choose an accessible format and make non-HTML documents meet accessibility standards.
  16. Topical event pages How to create and edit topical event pages.
  17. Feedback How to send the Government Digital Service comments and suggestions about this manual.