How to do business with Sellafield Ltd

How to find and apply for opportunities at Sellafield.

COVID-19 response

Sellafield Ltd values the capabilities within its broad supply chain and we are keen to ensure that we continue to have a healthy and resilient supply chain ready to re-mobilise and help us to deliver our mission when the time is right.

A guidance document has been created to provide our supply chain partners with information on our response to COVID-19 and the support available to them from Sellafield Ltd and from external agencies.

Coronavirus – guidance for the Sellafield Ltd Supply Chain

Sellafield Ltd’s work at Sellafield can only be achieved through strong partnership with the supply chain.

The Sellafield Ltd Supply Chain Strategy 2019/20 sets out how we will work with the supply chain to deliver the Sellafield mission.

Sellafield Ltd does not operate a preferred supplier list. Contract opportunities are awarded through open competition in line with the general European Treaty principles of non-discrimination, equal treatment and transparency in order to ensure we provide value for money to government.

Opportunities are also available for businesses to work indirectly as a subcontractor through our Tier 2 partners.

Current suppliers

Information for current suppliers is published on Sellafield Ltd’s Management of Contractors portal. You will be asked to register on this system when you start working with Sellafield Ltd.

Find an opportunity with Sellafield Ltd

Current opportunities to do business with Sellafield Ltd are advertised in our Complete Tender Management (CTM) system and dependent on the value of the contract opportunity via the Official Journal of the European Union.

Once you are registered on the system, you can use it to manage your tendering activities.

Opportunities are also listed in Contracts Finder.

Procurement schedules

The Sellafield Ltd Procurements on a Page is designed to provide a higher level of detailed support to each procurement programme of work, its scope and how this focusses on the safe and efficient delivery of the Sellafield Ltd Value Streams.

The Sellafield Ltd Procurement Plan schedule gives details of recently awarded and upcoming procurements with a value over £100,000 over the next 3 years.

The Shared Services Alliance is an alliance of organisations who work together on procurements to meet common supply requirements related to nuclear decommissioning. A Collaborative Procurement Plan is produced once a quarter as a guide to upcoming procurements across the nuclear decommissioning estate.

Find an opportunity with Tier 2 suppliers

There can be opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and specialist suppliers to supply indirectly through our Tier 2 suppliers who have been awarded contracts or frameworks with Sellafield Ltd.

SMEs - LINC with Sellafield Ltd

LINC with Sellafield Ltd is a scheme that encourages SMEs at local and national level to collaborate and deliver innovative solutions to the mission at Sellafield.

Work packages that set out some of the challenges we are addressing at Sellafield will be published on this page.

LINC has been designed to provide Sellafield Ltd with direct access to SMEs in addition to supporting Sellafield Ltd’s contribution to the UK SME agenda.

All SMEs must be pre-registered with LINC before submitting a proposal. Details of registered SMEs will be published periodically to support and encourage further collaboration.

Non-SMEs are free to register with LINC but their participation will be limited to a supporting role only.

As part of the registration process, companies/businesses will be categorised into one of the following:

Category 1 - SME

Category 2 - Supplier

  • those companies that have less than 250 employees and an annual turnover of less than 50 million euros (approximately £45 million) or annual balance sheet not exceeding 43 million euros (approximately £38 million) but who are part of a larger group of companies which collectively exceed those thresholds

Both category 1 and 2, are eligible to participate directly in LINC, however submissions from category 2 will only be considered should an acceptable submission (defined relative to each opportunity) not be received from category 1.

Supporting Companies

  • those companies who do not meet the EU definition of an SME in terms of numbers of employees and turnover or balance sheet thresholds

Supporting companies are not permitted to participate directly, but may participate as part of an SME led proposal.

All LINC opportunities shall be valued at no more than 209,000 euros (approximately £150,000) and therefore less than the prevailing threshold levels for supplies and services applicable to the Public Contracts Regulations 2015. No contracts advertised through LINC will be awarded in excess of this threshold.

Opportunities above these threshold levels will be made available through the Complete Tender Management (CTM) system and published on the Official Journal of the European Union

To maintain simplicity, all subsequent contracts will be subject to a standard Form of Contract which will be set out within each opportunity.

How to register:

LINC with Sellafield Ltd has now transitioned over to the Complete Tender Management (CTM) system, therefore in order to qualify for LINC in CTM please either log in with your existing details or if you are new to CTM register as a ‘new supplier’ and navigate to RFQ 10536 - LINC Qualification.

Please complete the registration form which is attached to the tender in order to be able to qualify for any future LINC opportunities.

If you have any questions regarding the registration please

Registered companies

Details of companies that have registered for LINC with Sellafield Ltd.

The list will be updated on a regular basis.

Business Open Sessions

We are keen to ensure that the supply chain have access to regular, open and honest conversations with Sellafield Ltd.

The Supply Chain Development team hold frequent, informal sessions where we can explain how to do business with us, answer questions and listen to feedback.

It’s only by listening that we can help address challenges and implement changes.

If you want to attend any of the dates below, please send an email along with idea of the sort of thing you would like to discuss so we can make sure we have the information you need to hand.

These sessions are open to all businesses regardless of size, location or business sector.

These sessions will be delivered as video or voice calls. Once you have emailed us with your preferred date, we will provide details of how to access along with the time of your allocated 20 minute slot.

Please email:

Day Time
04 Mar 9am to noon
01 April 9am to noon
06 May 1pm to 4pm
03 Jun 9am to noon
01 Jul 9am to noon
05 Aug 1pm to 4pm
07 Oct 9am to noon
04 Nov 9am to noon
02 Dec 9am to noon

Contacting us

If your business has processes or engineering technologies that could support Sellafield Ltd’s work at Sellafield, please contact our supply team.

The team can also answer questions, enquiries or issues about working with Sellafield Ltd.

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