How to do business with Magnox Ltd

How to find and apply for opportunities at Magnox.

Magnox’s work can only be achieved through strong partnership with the supply chain.

Our suppliers form an integral part of the Magnox team which is committed to delivering a diverse and challenging programme of work across 12 sites in the UK. With each site at a different stage in its lifecycle, the requirements range from conventional services such as scaffolding and demolition, to the more specialist areas of waste retrieval and decommissioning.

Magnox does not operate a preferred supplier list. Contract opportunities are awarded through open competition in line with the general European Treaty principles of non-discrimination, equal treatment and transparency, in order to ensure we provide value for money to government.

Opportunities are also available for businesses to work indirectly as a subcontractor through our Tier 2 partners.

Current Suppliers

Magnox purchases a diverse range of goods and services across its programmes of work. As well as maintaining the monthly publication of forthcoming opportunities, to further promote and encourage collaboration amongst our supply chain we publish a summary of our significant current contracts.

Opportunities for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and specialist suppliers might also be available to supply indirectly through our Tier 2 suppliers who have been awarded contracts or frameworks with Magnox.

Find an opportunity with Magnox

The Magnox Procurement Plan details procurement opportunities at the Magnox sites over the next 12 months.

The Procurement Plan is published monthly and the detail contained in the Plan is subject to review and change to meet the needs of the business. If you have any queries regarding procurement opportunities and/or contracts that have been awarded, please contact the named point of contact on the Plan.

Contacting us

If your business has processes or engineering technologies that could support Magnox’s work at any of our 12 sites, please contact our supply team. The team can also answer questions, enquiries or issues about working with Magnox.

Contact our supply chain team:

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