HMCTS rollout plans for cloud video platform for video enabled criminal hearings

Timetable when cloud video platform (CVP) is scheduled to be available at Crown Courts.

HMCTS is rolling out video conferencing technology to all Crown Courts in England and Wales to enable some criminal hearings to be held by video. The cloud video platform (CVP) system connects securely to the existing justice video network, which links police stations and prisons to courts. It accessible by any internet-enabled device with a camera and a microphone.

CVP is also being rolled out to magistrates’ courts, and to civil and family courts. We will announce details about these rollouts in due course.

The final decision about using video technology in any legal hearing is always taken by the judge, magistrates or panel, and only when they believe it to be in the best interests of justice.

Please note this timetable is intended as an indication of our current plans, and may be subject to change. Where courts deal with more than one prison, these prisons may gain access to CVP at different times.

Crown Courts where CVP is now available Crown Courts scheduled to get CVP in July 2020
Aylesbury Crown Court Gloucester Crown Court
Basildon Combined Court Hereford Crown Court
Birmingham Crown Court (QEII Law Courts) Ipswich Crown Court
Birmingham Crown Court Annex Kingston upon Thames Crown Court
Bolton Combined Court Lincoln Crown Court
Bournemouth Combined Court Salisbury Law Courts
Bradford Combined Court Centre Taunton Combined Court
Bristol Crown Court Warwickshire (South) Justice Centre
Burnley Combined Court Centre Winchester Combined Court Centre
Caernarfon Justice Centre  
Cambridge Crown Court  
Canterbury Combined Court Centre  
Cardiff Crown Court  
Carlisle Combined Court  
Central Criminal Court - Old Bailey  
Chelmsford Crown Court  
Chester Crown Court  
Coventry Combined Centre  
Croydon Combined Court  
Derby Combined Court Centre  
Doncaster Justice Centre South (Doncaster Crown Court)  
Durham Crown Court  
Exeter Combined Court Centre  
Grimsby Combined Court Centre  
Guildford Crown Court  
Harrow Crown Court  
Hove Trial Centre  
Inner London Crown Court  
Isle of Wight Combined (and Magistrates) Court  
Isleworth Crown Court  
King’s Lynn Crown Court  
Kingston-upon-Hull Combined Court Centre  
Lancaster Crown Court  
Leeds Combined Court Centre  
Leicester Combined Court  
Lewes Combined Court Centre  
Liverpool QEII Law Courts: Liverpool Crown Court  
Luton Crown Court  
Maidstone Combined Court Centre  
Manchester Crown Court (Crown Square)  
Manchester Crown Court (Minshull St)  
Merthyr Tydfil Combined Court Centre  
Mold Justice Centre (Mold Law Courts)  
Newcastle upon Tyne Combined Court Centre  
Newport (South Wales) Crown Court  
Northampton Combined Court  
Norwich Combined Court Centre  
Nottingham County Court and Family Court (and Crown)  
Oxford Combined Court Centre  
Peterborough Combined Court Centre  
Plymouth Combined Court  
Portsmouth Combined Court Centre  
Preston Combined Court Centre  
Preston Crown Court and Family Court (Sessions House)  
Reading Crown Court  
Sheffield Combined Court Centre  
Shrewsbury Crown Court / Shrewsbury Justice Centre  
Snaresbrook Crown Court  
Southampton Combined Court Centre  
Southwark Crown Court  
St Albans Crown Court  
Stafford Combined Court Centre  
Stoke-on-Trent Combined Court  
Swansea Crown Court  
Swindon Combined Court  
Teesside Combined Court Centre  
Truro Combined Court  
Warrington Crown and Magistrates’ Court  
Wolverhampton Combined Court Centre  
Wood Green Crown Court  
Woolwich Crown Court and Belmarsh Magistrates Court  
Worcester Combined Court  
York Crown Court  
Published 18 May 2020
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