HM Revenue and Customs Large Business

Information on what Large Business does and who to contact.

Large Business

Large Business (LB) works with the UK’s largest and most complex businesses on a range of taxes, duties and regimes, and works with colleagues across HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) in tackling risk and providing customer service. LB employs tax specialists, accountants, auditors and is supported in its work by other tax specialists from across HMRC. LB looks after more than 2,000 of the largest businesses in the UK.

Contact Large Business

The first point of contact with Large Business should normally be through your nominated Customer Relationship Manager but if this is not appropriate you should contact the relevant regional deputy director.

Contacts for businesses overseen by LB

For general enquiries about HMRC’s Large Business strategy and feedback about these internet pages please email Jeremy Tyler, deputy director strategy for business and agents team.

For security reasons HMRC’s email reply to you will not contain any confidential information. If necessary HMRC will email you to explain that a full reply will be by letter or by phone.

Published 12 November 2014