Harbour Empowerment Orders (HEO) (works)

Documents to provide on application for Harbour Empowerment Orders (HEO) (works)

Harbour Empowerment Orders (HEOs) (works)

Documents to provide on application Description
Draft harbour empowerment order A draft of your proposed harbour empowerment order.
Associated plans and maps which will be annexed to the Order A copy of any plans and maps to be annexed to the Order. The MMO reserves the right to request more copies.
Statement in support A document setting out the reasons why you are applying for this Harbour empowerment Order.
Relevant supporting legislation Any relevant legislation which is referred to in your draft Harbour empowerment Order.
If necessary, please attach any maps or plans relating to previous legislation which may support your application.
Environmental information If you empowerment Order includes works and your application has been screened out of requiring an EIA, you must still consider how your proposal will impact the environment.
Please include information about potential impacts to any designated sites in the vicinity of the works. This will need to include consideration of any impacts on all local designated sites including European or Ramsar sites and Marine Conservation Zones. Consideration of the Water Framework Directive and Waste Framework Directive will also need to be included.
Environmental Statement (ES) For EIA projects only If your application has been determined by MMO to require EIA, an ES must be prepared and submitted with the application.
Published 21 February 2020