Get support from your music education hub

Music hubs bring together local authorities, schools and art, community or voluntary organisations to make sure all pupils have access to music education.

What you can get

Music education hubs offer:

  • provision of, or support for, instrumental teaching for whole classes
  • other support with your music curriculum
  • individual and group instrument lessons for pupils
  • support with choirs and instrumental ensembles
  • continuing professional development for teachers and other school staff

Who can use the service

Music education hubs are available to all state-funded schools in England and pupils of all ages.

When it’s available

Activities take place throughout the year across the 120 regional music education hubs in England.

What it costs

Costs vary depending on the activity and location.

How to apply

Find your local music education hub and contact them directly.

Find out more

See the music education hubs page on the Arts Council England’s website for more information.

Published 21 September 2018