Get help with tax as a growing mid-sized business

Businesses with a UK turnover above £10 million or at least 20 employees can get help from HM Revenue and Customs during periods of growth.

The Growth Support Service helps mid-sized businesses that are experiencing certain types of growth to understand tax issues they may face and incentives or reliefs they may be able to claim.

If you’re not a mid-sized business, there are other ways you can contact HMRC.

The Growth Support Service

The Growth Support Service will appoint a dedicated tax specialist to work with you (or your agent) and help you:

  • understand any new tax issues and reporting requirements
  • get your tax right before you file your return
  • consider reporting and governance risks caused by the growth of your business
  • access any financial incentives and reliefs you may be eligible for
  • access other HMRC specialists, services and guidance that are relevant to you

Your growth support specialist will contact you and agree the period we’ll support you for.

Your growth support specialist can only give you support with tax. They won’t be able to give you:

  • general business advice
  • tax planning or tax avoidance advice
  • guidance on how you should grow

Types of growth

Your business may be eligible for the Growth Support Service if it’s experiencing, or about to experience, any of the following types of growth.

If you’re not experiencing one of the types of growth, you may be able to get support from the mid-sized business Customer Engagement Team.

Significant increase in turnover

Turnover increased by 20% or more in the last 12 months, where this increase is at least £1 million.

Combining with, or buying, companies or other business organisations, or their operating units, resulting in growth of the business.

Reordering or changing the composition of a group of companies for the purpose of business growth (excludes insolvency).

Listing on stock market

Initial and subsequent offerings of shares on any stock exchange for public purchase.

Significant introduction of capital

Introducing capital that increases the balance sheet total by more than 20% where that capital is at least £1 million.

Notifying HMRC and submitting Senior Accounting Officer (SAO) certificate for the first time

First time notification of meeting Senior Accounting Officer (SAO) conditions and completion of the first SAO certificate.

Making quarterly instalment payments for the first time

Paying Corporation Tax by quarterly instalments for the first time because profits are above the ‘upper limit’.

Entering VAT Payments on Account (POA) regime

Making VAT Payments on Account for the first time, because in any period of 12 months or less you have a total liability of more than £2.3 million.

Exporting goods or services for the first time

Selling goods or services from the UK to another country for the first time.

Establishing a presence in a new territory

Setting up a business operation in a new country.

Other significant business growth

Your business is significantly expanding in another way and you would like us to consider you for the Growth Support Service.

If this applies to you, we’ll consider your circumstances and may contact you to discuss whether we can support you.

Apply to the Growth Support Service

You can use this service to apply for help from the Growth Support Service.

Published 20 September 2017