Flood risk management plans (FRMPs): responsibilities

This guidance is for the Environment Agency and lead local flood authorities on their responsibilities when preparing flood risk management plans.

FRMPs and flood risk areas (FRAs)

FRMPs must cover areas of the river basin district (RBD) where flood risk is significant. These areas are called flood risk areas (FRAs). The Environment Agency and lead local flood authorities (LLFAs) identify FRAs through preliminary flood risk assessments.

FRMPs also meet the aims of the National Flood and Coastal Erosion Strategy for England.

Producing FRMPs

The Environment Agency is responsible for producing FRMPs for FRAs that cover:

  • main rivers
  • the sea
  • reservoirs

LLFAs are responsible for producing FRMPs for FRAs that cover local sources of flooding in their area. Local sources of flooding include:

  • surface water
  • ordinary watercourses
  • groundwater

However, the preferred approach is for the Environment Agency and LLFAs to work together to produce one FRMP for all sources of flood risk for the RBD. This arrangement is agreed between the Environment Agency and the LLFAs involved before work starts.

This approach enables good co-ordination between RMAs and communities and better co-ordinated flood management. It also helps to co-ordinate with river basin management plans (RBMPs). RBMPs address the wider water environment across RBDs.

LLFAs that do not have a FRA in their administrative area can still contribute to a joint FRMP in the RBD. Other RMAs can also contribute to joint FRMPs for the RBD. These contributions are voluntary.

Risk management authorities in England

Risk management authorities (RMAs) in England are:

  • Environment Agency
  • lead local flood authorities (LLFAs)
  • district councils for areas for which there are no unitary authorities
  • internal drainage boards
  • water companies
  • highway authorities

What FRMPs contain

Flood risk management plans (FRMPs): how to prepare them provides guidance on how to prepare FRMPs and what to include.

Publishing FRMPs

The Environment Agency must publish the FRMPs produced by itself and the LLFAs every 6 years. It must also report to the European Commission.


See the European Floods Directive, Flood Risk Regulations 2009 and Flood Risk (Cross Border Areas) Regulations 2010 to find out more about the responsibilities for FRMPs.

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Published 28 June 2019