Flood risk management plans (FRMPs)

Approach, responsibilities and guidance to complete flood risk management plans.

Flood risk management plans (FRMPs) must be reviewed by the Environment Agency and Lead Local Flood Authorities every 6 years. This is a requirement of the Flood Risk Regulations 2009.

A 3-month public consultation on the draft FRMPs for 2021 to 2027 ran from 22 October 2021 to 21 January 2022.

Following a review of the consultation responses, we produced a summary of responses

Responders had the option to indicate whether they would agree to their consultation response being published. All responses we have permission to publish are now available to view on another website.

Next steps

Responses received will now be analysed further to:

  • identify actions to take as result of the consultation
  • implement any changes needed in the FRMPs and to the associated Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

We are also producing the Habitats Regulations Assessment and the SEA Statement of Environmental Particulars. We will publish the final FRMPs and accompanying materials in the autumn of 2022.

FRMPs cover flooding from:

  • main rivers
  • the sea
  • surface water
  • reservoirs

A FRMP must be produced for areas at significant risk of flooding that were identified in the preliminary flood risk assessments.

The Environment Agency did not identify any significant flood risk areas for reservoirs when drafting the FRMPs 2021 to 2027. The reasons for this are included in the PFRAs.

Flood risk management plan guidance

Published 4 April 2014
Last updated 18 May 2022 + show all updates
  1. Amended FRMPs consultation wording at the publication of the summary response document and the publication of responses.

  2. Consolidated and simplified guidance for the Environment Agency and LLFAs as preparation of FRMPs is no longer a new responsibility but an established activity.

  3. Added the latest guidance for these plans.

  4. First published.