Export agricultural machinery: special rules

You may need a plant health certificate to export used farm machinery outside the EU.

Your used agricultural machinery may need to travel with a plant health (phytosanitary) certificate when you export outside the EU.

You don’t need to do anything inside the EU.

Check with the plant authority in the country that you’re exporting to to find out if used farm machinery needs a certificate.

Make sure you ask to receive an official document to explain the rules in that country and how to comply. This will help UK inspectors to prepare your export correctly.

You apply a different way in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Apply for a plant health certificate

You must apply for your machinery to be inspected, either:


It usually costs a minimum of £130.48 for a site inspection followed by tests.

If the inspection lasts more than 30 minutes, you’ll have to pay £65.24 for every extra 15 mins.

There might be additional charges if your goods need more tests to comply with the importing country’s health rules.

Reduced fees

You can apply for a 50% discount (PDF, 219KB, 1 page) for the first £500 of APHA services in a financial year if either the following apply:

  • you’re not registered for VAT
  • your certified exports were worth less than £5,000 in the last financial year
Published 7 November 2016