EU Settlement Scheme: apply for an administrative review

How to apply for an administrative review under the EU Settlement Scheme.

You’ll be told in your decision letter if you can apply for the decision on your application under the EU Settlement Scheme to be reviewed. This is called an administrative review.

You’ll find your decision letter attached to the email we sent you following your application under the scheme.

You can apply for an administrative review if either:

  • your application was refused on eligibility grounds
  • you were granted pre-settled status but think you qualify for settled status

You can also make a new application under the scheme. This application will be free if you:

  • have been granted pre-settled status and
  • apply to move from pre-settled status to settled status from April 2019

How to apply

You must make your application within 28 days of the date on your decision email.

You’ll need to complete the administrative review application form.

You must use a separate form for each person applying for a review, whether they’re a child or an adult.


It costs £80 per person to apply.

This fee will be refunded if:

  • your application for a review is successful, for example if the original decision is withdrawn and settled or pre-settled status is granted
  • your application for a review is rejected because it’s invalid

Sending new information or evidence

You can send new information or evidence with your application for a review. The application form explains how to send this.

You do not need to resend information or evidence that you’ve already provided to us.

Get a decision

You’ll usually receive the result of the review within 28 days. If we need more time, we’ll email you to let you know when you can expect to receive a decision.

Withdraw your request

To ask to withdraw your request for a review, please email us at You must include ‘EUSS’ followed by your Unique Application Number in the subject line. You must also include your name, date of birth and nationality.

If you withdraw your request, your application fee will not be refunded.

Contact us

If you have problems using the administrative review form, please contact

Published 15 November 2018