Enteric virus unit (EVU): diagnostic and reference services

EVU provides diagnostic and reference services for astroviruses, enteroviruses, enteric adenoviruses, noroviruses, rotaviruses and sapoviruses.

About enteric virus unit (EVU)

EVU provide diagnostic and reference services for a wide range of enteric viral pathogens and is involved in national and international outbreak investigations.

Services available

Diagnostic methods and virus characterisation are available, using both classical and molecular methods, for:

  • astroviruses
  • enteroviruses
  • enteric adenoviruses
  • noroviruses
  • rotaviruses
  • sapoviruses

A comprehensive sequence database including geographical and temporal distributions and the genetic diversity of co-circulating strains of:

  • enterovirus
  • norovirus
  • sapovirus
  • astrovirus
  • rotavirus strains

The rotavirus strains database has been established and maintained in collaboration with UK Health Security Agency’s bioinformatics unit.

EVU collaborates with PHE, NHS and academic staff in the structured surveillance of enteric virus infections and associated outbreaks.

EVU includes the World Health Organization (WHO) UK polio laboratory which undertakes the isolation and characterisation of poliovirus strains (Q.SOP31), determines poliovirus immunity. EVU also collaborates with National Institute for Biological Standards and Control and the WHO on the laboratory aspects of the worldwide poliovirus eradication campaign.

EVU guidance and forms

Contact EVU

Enteric virus unit (EVU)

UK Health Security Agency
61 Colindale Avenue

Telephone (direct line) 020 8327 6154

DX address DX address UKHSA Colindale VRD, DX 6530006

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