Engineering manufacture (operator and semi skilled) apprenticeships

Types of apprenticeships that you can apply for in the engineering manufacture (operator and semi skilled) sector.

This hugely diverse field can be divided into several sub-categories: aerospace, automotive, metals, electrical equipment, electronics, marine maintenance, and mechanical engineering.

Training opportunities

The sort of work you’ll be doing will depend on your employer. Generally, engineering apprentices will learn to take on an operator role in a certain area of engineering. This could involve anything from assembling car engines to installing telecommunications systems. Most duties will involve the maintenance of equipment and machinery.

On the intermediate level apprenticeship you could:

  • assemble aerospace components to required tolerances and finishes
  • operate CNC machinery such as lathes, milling machines and grinders
  • help with the setting up of datum’s, offsets, tooling
  • inspect and keep tolerances in high volume production
  • fabricate and weld thick plate for ship modules or sub-assemblies

Working in this field requires a good head for figures and IT literacy. You’ll need good written and verbal communication skills, and you’ll have to be a team player.

Types of apprenticeships

This is an intermediate level apprenticeship. You could train in roles like:

  • semi-skilled fitter (aircraft assembly)
  • aerospace component assembly fitter
  • semi-skilled electrical loomers/PCB assembly
  • survival equipment maintenance mechanic
  • semi-skilled aircraft maintenance fitter
  • marine electrical fitter
  • marine engine fitter
  • marine mechanical fitter
  • marine fabricator/welder
  • marine CNC machinist
  • boat builder/shipwright
  • sailmaker
  • boat mover/yard hand
  • marine installation engineer
  • marine painter
  • rigger/boatmover
  • marine fitting out carpenter
  • shipwright
  • machine operator
  • machine tool fitter
  • jig and tool fitter
  • mechanical fitter
  • CNC operator
  • mechanical maintenance fitter
  • electronics maintenance fitter
  • lift maintenance
  • electrical maintenance fitter
  • military armourer
  • marine maintenance fitter
  • fitter welder
  • pipe fitter
  • semi skilled sheet metal worker
  • welder/fabricator
  • mould and core maker
  • process engineer (casting)
  • sand caster
  • die caster
  • metal molding, coremaking, and casting machine operator
  • casting inspector
  • production engineer
  • technical support engineer
  • quality control inspector
  • metrology assistant

Apply for an engineering manufacture (operator and semi skilled) apprenticeship

You can apply for an apprenticeship in England if you’re:

  • 16 or over
  • eligible to work in England
  • not in full-time education
Published 12 April 2012