Easy Access Intellectual Property

As part of Dstl's commitment to improving access to technologies, we're making some of our intellectual property (IP) available for free.

How Easy Access IP works

Easy Access IP is a licencing approach formalised by Glasgow University, King’s College London and Bristol University and has seen growing adoption among other UK and foreign universities. Dstl is the first UK government organisation to adopt the Easy Access IP scheme.

Easy Access IP offers certain technologies for free, in combination with a simple licence agreement. There are no licence fees or royalties but licensees will be required to pay for the ongoing patent costs.

For Dstl the scheme offers an opportunity to build relationships within industry and provides a mechanism to release technology to those who may be able to further develop it.

For industry it creates an opportunity to commercialise Dstl technologies, but at a reduced risk. It also allows exchange of knowledge between government and external organisations.

Technologies available through Easy Access IP are usually considered to be a low technical readiness for commercialisation; with limited funding this means Dstl are not always able to develop it. The intellectual property available, usually includes patent rights and/or software, but can be other forms of intellectual property too. By offering the licences for free, Dstl is able to see the technology potentially come to market and create an impact.


If you license technology through our Easy Access IP scheme, you will need to:

  • inform Dstl of your plans to commercialise the technology
  • acknowledge the IP was originally developed by Dstl
  • sign the one page license agreement
  • pay ongoing patent costs; Dstl can provide indicative costs for patents, which will be invoiced in UK pounds sterling

Read the full terms and conditions.

You can also license Dstl’s IP through our technology transfer company, Ploughshare Innovations.


The following technologies are available through Dstl’s Easy Access IP scheme.

Antenna technologies

Biomedical technologies

Protection technologies

Tools and testing


We are happy to discuss licensing of any of our technologies where appropriate, not just the ones listed above.

Next steps

To find out more about the scheme or a particular technology, simply contact us at

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