Dairy Producer Organisations: record keeping and reporting

Find out what information to send to the Rural Payments Agency (RPA) and what records you need to keep as a Dairy Producer Organisation.

As a Dairy Producer Organisation (DPO) you must keep records and supply information to RPA about the volumes of milk delivered. You must also tell the RPA about any changes to the legal status of the DPO and any changes to its membership.

Information you need to send to RPA

Changes to statute or Articles of Association

You must tell us about any changes that could affect recognition such as changes to the statute or Articles of Association.

Changes to membership of DPO

You must tell us about any changes to membership of a DPO using the Changes to DPO Membership (form DPS12) (PDF, 200 KB, 3 pages) within1 month of the change.

Estimate of expected volumes

Before starting negotiations for delivery of raw milk to processors or collectors, you must fill in a Negotiation Return (form DPS10) (PDF, 202 KB, 3 pages) and return it to us. This gives us an estimate of your expected volume of production and expected timescale.

Actual volumes delivered

By 31 January each year, you must give us the actual volume of raw milk delivered for the last calendar year. Fill in and return to us the Annual Contract / Negotiation (statistical) Return (form DPS9) (PDF, 189 KB, 2 pages).

Keeping records

DPOs and their members must keep records of all deliveries and sales of milk. You must present these to RPA or the Competition and Marketing Authority if requested, along with original documents.

You need to keep all records for 3 years from the end of the year to which they relate.

Failure to meet requirements

DPO recognition may be withdrawn if:

  • you don’t meet the above requirements
  • you don’t meet recognition requirements
  • you give false or misleading information



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Published 31 March 2014
Last updated 17 September 2021 + show all updates
  1. Forms DPS9, DPS10 and DPS12 have been made accessible

  2. New version of Annual Contract/Negotiation Statistical Return (DPS9) form, Negotiation Return (DPS10) form and Changes to DPO Membership (DSP12) form published.

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