Customs Declaration Service procedure codes (Tariff stop press notice 29)

Check the changes to the Customs Declaration Service (CDS) version of volume 3 of the UK Trade Tariff procedure codes.

Due to ongoing development of the CDS system, and refinements to declaration completion requirements, we’ve identified amendments to previously circulated CDS volume 3 information.

These are the details of the amendments you need to know about.

Appendix 1: DE 1/10: Requested and previous procedure codes

Requested procedure 42: Release for free circulation with simultaneous onward supply to another member state.

In the subheading titled: Declaration category, insert H5 after H1, in the following 1/10 procedure codes: 4200, 4221, 4251, 4253, 4254, 4271, 4278.

Requested procedure 71: Entry to a customs warehouse

Requested procedure 7153 - Additional information (DE 2/2).

In the main table, in column 3 titled ‘Details to be declared’ remove the following sentence: ‘Simplified authorisation’ to enter the goods to IP.

Appendix 5A: DE 2/3: Documents and other reference codes (Union)

In the table in column 1 entitled ‘Document Code to be declared’, please delete code YO13 and replace with Y013.

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Published 7 August 2018