Customs Declaration Service procedure codes (Tariff stop press notice 24)

Find out the changes to the Customs Declaration Service (CDS) version of volume 3 of the UK Trade Tariff procedure and authorisation codes.

Due to ongoing development of the CDS system, and refinements to declaration completion requirements, we’ve identified amendments to previously circulated CDS volume 3 information.

These are the details of the amendments you need to know about.

Appendix 1: DE 1/10: Requested and previous procedure codes

Requested procedure 44: Release to free circulation with duty relief granted under the End Use Special Procedure

In subheading: National additional procedure codes:

Add 1RV to the following series: 4400, 4421, 4422, 4451, 4453, 4454, 4471, 4478.

Appendix 2: DE 1/11: Additional procedure codes

Additional procedure code C-series

C20: Goods for charitable or philanthropic organisations - basic necessities imported by state organisations or other approved organisations

In subheading: Additional information (DE 2/2)

Delete the sentence: ‘The following AI statements must be included in DE 2/2’

Replace with: ‘Where the goods are imported by a charitable organisation, enter:’

Additional procedure code F-series

F06: Excise goods moving under an Excise Duty suspension

In subheading: Notes:

Delete the following text from the second sentence: ‘then preference code ‘500’ should be declared in DE 4/17 and’

Additional procedure codes 1-series

1RV: Relief from VAT (Reduced value for VAT or exemption is claimed)

In subheading: Notes:

Insert codes: 4400, 4421, 4422, 4451, 4453, 4454, 4471, 4478.

Volume 3 part 4

Additional procedure code correlation matrix (CDS) 4-digit to 3-digit procedure to additional procedure code correlation matrix

DE 1/10 codes

In the column entitled: 1/11 National - SERIES 1.

Insert 1RV against the following codes: 4400, 4421, 4422, 4451, 4453, 4454, 4471, 4478.

DE 1/11 codes

In the column entitled: 1/10.

Insert the following codes against 1RV: 4400, 4421, 4422, 4451, 4453, 4454, 4471, 4478.

Appendix 6: Appendix 6: DE 3/39: Authorisation type codes

Insert the following code:

MOU - Memorandum of Understanding

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Published 24 July 2018