Currency codes for Ceuta, Uganda and Uruguay (Tariff stop press notice 23)

Three countries currency codes have been added to Appendix 11 of the Customs Declaration Service (CDS) version of volume 3 of the UK Trade Tariff.

Due to ongoing development of the CDS system, and refinements to declaration completion requirements, amendments to previously circulated CDS Volume 3 information have been identified.

These are the details of the amendments you need to be aware of.

Appendix 11: Currency codes

Add the following currency codes to Appendix 11.

Table 1 - listed by currency code

Currency code Currency type Country name
EUR Euro Ceuta
UGX Ugandan Shilling Uganda
UYU Uruguay Peso En Unidades Uruguay

Table 2 - listed by country name

Country name Currency code Currency type
Ceuta EUR Euro
Uganda UGX Ugandan Shilling
Uruguay UYU Uruguay Peso En Unidades

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Published 25 July 2018