Create a UK storage document

Use this service to create a UK storage document for fish and shellfish that have been imported or landed directly into the UK for storage, ready for export.

Register now before EU exit

You can use this service to create a Defra account and create sample storage documents before 30 March 2019.

Sample storage documents cannot be used to export your fish or fishery products.

You’ll need a separate storage document for each export.

The document, together with catch certificates from the vessels that caught the fish, allows you to export fishery products to the EU, Iceland, Ivory Coast, Kuwait, Madagascar, Norway, Thailand, Tunisia and Ukraine.

Some fish and shellfish are excluded from the definition of ‘fishery products’ and do not need a UK storage document for export.

What you need

To create a UK storage document, you’ll need:

  • a Government Gateway user ID and password
  • the company name and address of the exporter
  • to say what products are being stored (and include the EU tariff commodity codes)
  • catch certificate numbers and export weights for each product
  • the dates and places that the products entered the UK (and transport details upon entry to the UK)
  • the name, address and facility approval number of each storage facility used
  • to say how each storage facility stores the product (frozen, chilled or both)
  • transport details for how the export will leave the UK, where it will leave from and when
  • the identification numbers of the containers used to export the product

Start now

Before you start

Check the EU tariff commodity codes of your fishery products in the trade tariff.

If you haven’t already, create Government Gateway sign in details for the business or organisation you represent.

Defra service registrations need you to provide some extra details about yourself and the business (for example, the Companies House registration number).

Registration should take around 5 minutes.

Published 28 February 2019