Copper cable connectors (Tariff notice 34)

Check the new tariff classification of cable connectors under 1,000 volts made of copper.

A new regulation dated 17 December 2018 was published on 21 December 2018.

This is not considered a change in UK practice.

New regulation

Cable connectors made of copper not exceeding 1,000 volts.

The product has either a plug (known as a male type connector) or a socket (known as a female type connector) on one side and a contact device in the form of a clip shielded with a layer of insulating material on the other side.

The cable connector is used to connect wires or cables other than coaxial cables.

The product makes the connection by plugging the male connector into the female connector without using any tools.

Classification (Combined Nomenclature (CN) code)

Code 85366990


Classification is determined by general rules 1 and 6 for the interpretation of the Combined Nomenclature and by the wording of CN codes:

  • 8536
  • 8536 69
  • 8536 69 90

The article presents the objective characteristics of a plug or a socket fitted with another contact device. Therefore, its classification as other connections and contact elements for wire and cables under subheading 8536 90 10 is excluded. It is to be classified under CN code 8536 69 90 as other plugs and sockets.

Read the Harmonized System Explanatory Notes to heading 8536 group (III) letter (A), point (1) for more information.

You can also read the Explanatory Notes to the Combined Nomenclature from subheadings 8536 69 10 to 8536 69 90.

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Published 7 January 2019