Common land declarations of exempt works

Declarations of exempt works for common land.

The Planning Inspectorate is responsible for determining applications under the 2006 Act regarding common land in England, and several other pieces of legislation regarding commons and greens. All applications are determined on behalf of the Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra).

For declarations older than a year please view the National Archive website





Published 22 July 2015
Last updated 12 October 2020 + show all updates
  1. Gembling Common – fencing for grazing - notice added

  2. Gembling Common – fencing for grazing x 2 notices added

  3. Chobham Common, Royal Common and Whitmoor Common

  4. Monkwood Green exemption

  5. Gembling Common, East Yorks - Fencing for grazing – 01 April 2019, Gembling Common, East Yorks – Fencing for grazing – 22 October 2019, Wood Green, Norfolk – Fencing for grazing – 25 November 2019

  6. Honeymoor Common, Hartridge Common, Therfield Heath, Stringers Common, Harpenden Common, Oxshott Heath and Royal Common exempt notices.

  7. Ashmoor, Royal Common, Hareley, Assley, Inglestone & Hawkesbury and Ockley and Thursley exemtions added

  8. Chobham Common exempt added

  9. Northam Burrows exempt notice added

  10. Huxham Common, Somerset and Wood Green, Norfolk added

  11. Warton Marsh (Salt Marshes) – Nature Conservation – 12 November 2018

  12. The Green, Sharlston decision

  13. Oxshott Heath decision added

  14. All cases over 1 year old removed following GDPR

  15. Royal and Bagmoor Commons added

  16. Broadstreet Common – grazing animals

  17. Corfe Common – Grazing animals exempt notice added

  18. Monkwood Green, grazing animals exempt notice added

  19. Chobham common, Station Moor/Bulbourne Moor, Whitmoor Common, Bisley Common.

  20. Ockley/Thursley Commons – Grazing animals added

  21. Tebay Fell exempt notice

  22. Wood Green exempt notice

  23. Turville Heath Notice added

  24. New Road, Kendal - bollards to prevent vehicles - decision added

  25. Pound Green - grazing animals, Hedleyhope Fell – grazing animals, Corfe Common – nature conservation added.

  26. Ashmoor Grazing Animals, Bisley Grazing Animals, Chobham Grazing Animals, Gembling Grazing Animals 2017, 2018 & 2019, Monkwood Green Grazing Animals, Oxshott Grazing Animals, Royal Common Grazing Animals, Sheeps Green Nature Conservation, Southampton Nature Conservation, Therfield Grazing Animals, Thursley Grazing Animals, Whitmoor Grazing Animals.

  27. Gunthorpe Common, Bollards added

  28. The green stoke exempt notice added

  29. Lambourne exempt notice added

  30. Wood Green document added

  31. Hartley Wintney document added

  32. New exempt noticed added

  33. Burton fell document added

  34. New exempt notices added

  35. Two exemption notices added

  36. Pound green common exempt work notice added

  37. New exemption added

  38. Exemption notice added

  39. New exempt notice added

  40. First published.