2018 Common land notices and decisions

Hearing and inquiry notices and decisions for common land applications within 2018.

The Planning Inspectorate is responsible for determining applications under the 2006 Act regarding common land in England, and several other pieces of legislation regarding commons and greens. All applications are determined on behalf of the Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra).

Decisions prior to 2018


Once the event has taken place the notice will be removed.


Published 4 January 2018
Last updated 13 September 2018 + show all updates
  1. COM/3205937 Decision added
  2. The Green, Sharlston Decision
  3. COM/3195184 decision added
  4. COM/3204705 decision added
  5. COM/3203832 & COM/319266 Decisions added
  6. COM/3191795 decision added
  7. COM/3187941 Decision added
  8. COM/3195966 and COM/3193619 Decisions added
  9. COM/3196953, COM/3191799 and COM/3188090 Decisions added
  10. COM/3198290, COM/3196727 and COM/3200708 decisions published.
  11. COM/3184726 decision added
  12. COM/3200738 & COM/3193122 Decisions
  13. COM/3200474 & COM/3189137 Decisions added
  14. COM/3190392 Decision added
  15. COM/3194624, COM/3183692 & COM/3175957 decisions added
  16. COM/3197456 Decision added
  17. COM/3196557 Decision
  18. COM/3170236 decision added
  19. COM/3195766 decision added
  20. COM/3181327 Cancelled hearing and COM/3195730 new decision
  21. COM/3195402 decision added
  22. COM/3192533 & COM/3195163 Decisions added
  23. COM/3187734 decision added
  24. COM/3163771 Hearing postponed
  25. COM/3178884 added
  26. COM/3184303 Decision added
  27. COM/3180684 Decision
  28. Decision added
  29. COM/3189564 DECISION ADDED
  30. COM/3185373 Added
  31. COM/3181327 hearing notice & COM/3188213 Decision
  32. COM/3189910 and COM/3163648 decisions added
  33. Hearing and decision notices added
  34. COM/3189443 decision added
  35. COM/3176468 Hearing notice removed as event cancelled
  36. COM/3176676 and COM/3182314 decisions added
  37. First published.