Check if you are at risk of tax avoidance

Find out how to check your risk of being involved in tax avoidance if you're an agency worker or contractor working through an umbrella company.

Use the interactive risk checker to find out if your employment arrangements could involve tax avoidance.

Tax avoidance schemes attempt to disguise the true level of pay you receive to reduce Income Tax and National Insurance contributions.

Find out about how to spot the signs of tax avoidance.

You are legally responsible for your tax affairs and for paying the correct amount of Income Tax and National Insurance contributions, even if somebody else does this for you.

You have the right to know all the terms and conditions of your employment, including how much gross pay you will receive and what fees get deducted from your pay before it’s paid to you. You should contact the umbrella company if you do not have this information.

Before you start

Steps you should take:

  1. Check if your employment arrangements involve working through an umbrella company.

  2. Check the Income Tax and National Insurance on your payslip, if you get one.

  3. Check your Personal tax account if you do not get a payslip.

  4. Gather documents you may need.

What you’ll need

The documents may include:

  • payslips
  • bank statements
  • payment advice
  • employment contracts or agreements
  • key information document
  • any other documents you have relating to your employment arrangements

This list is not exhaustive.

How to check

This interactive risk checker only covers the most common signs of tax avoidance to look out for.

You will not need to sign in or create a Government Gateway user ID and password when you use the interactive risk checker.

Start now

Published 18 November 2021