Changes to document status codes (Tariff stop press notice 4)

Find out about changes to document codes U164, U165, U166 and U167.

Amendments have been made to document status codes of the Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF) Tariff.

These amendments have been entered into effect on CHIEF and have been made following a review of procedures and to ensure alignment with the Customs Declaration Service (CDS) Tariff.

Changes to document codes U164, U165, U166 and U167

Replace the text under ‘Details to be Declared’ one of the following status codes:

  • AE
  • AF
  • AG
  • AP
  • AS
  • AT
  • GE
  • GP
  • JE
  • JP
  • LE
  • LP
  • UA
  • UE
  • UP
  • US
  • XA
  • XB

See the list of document status codes for definitions.

These codes are only applicable for countries of origin that are covered by the GSP and within the EU (for the purposes of bi-lateral cumulation and split consignments).

Document status code RE is valid with Document Code C100.

Document status code XO is no longer valid.

These have already been changed on CHIEF.

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Published 11 February 2020