Businesses that destroy F gas: record keeping requirements

Find out if you need to keep records and report data to the EU, if you destroy fluorinated greenhouse gases (F gases).

You must report data about any year in which you destroy more than either 1 metric tonne, or 1,000 tonnes carbon dioxide equivalent, of the following gases:

The 1,000 tonnes carbon dioxide threshold is equal to 700kg of HFC 134a or 250kg of HFC 404A.

Find out how to calculate the carbon dioxide equivalent weight of other F gases.

Data you must report

For any year in which you meet the reporting threshold, you must report the:

  • quantity of each of the gases that you destroyed
  • technology or technologies you used to destroy the gases
  • quantity of each of the gases that you held in stock at the end of the year awaiting destruction

When you must report

You must send your data by 31 March of the following year.

The first year that data must be reported for is 2014, so you must submit your first report by 31 March 2015.

How to send reports

Submit reports through the F gas portal on the European Commission website.

You’ll need to register for a European Commission account to access the F gas portal if you don’t already have one.

Published 31 December 2014