British Embassy Programme Fund - Turkey

The British Embassy Programme Fund is a fund to support programme activity in line with the UK government’s foreign policy objectives in Turkey annually.

General information

The British Embassy Programme Fund (BEF) is a new fund to support programme activity in line with the UK government’s foreign policy objectives in Turkey annually. This fund replaces the previous Bilateral and Strategic Programme Fund. The BEF will fund projects from £20,000 upwards. Proposed projects should be in support of FCO strategic priorities and Embassy country objectives as outlined below.

The BEF project bids are shortlisted and approved by the British Embassy’s Post Programme Board. To apply for funding, interested organisations must submit a project proposal (please see the forms below) to the Embassy’s Project Section when call for bids announced. This will provide the basic information required to enable the Post Programme Board to make an assessment on whether or not the proposal will be shortlisted.

All projects submitted must directly support at least one of the following priority objectives for the British Embassy Programme Fund:

  1. Enable strong rule of law, including through strengthening reforms in the justice sector, countering corruption, tackling organised crime and promoting human rights
  2. Support the strengthening of core institutions to support democratic governance and economic reform in Turkey
  3. Support enhanced political dialogue and conflict resolution through peaceful solutions and dialogue
  4. Improved access to rights and services including Syrian refugees living in Turkey
  5. Identification and analysis of the compliance with international law and human rights standards

All British Embassy Programme Fund projects must clearly demonstrate how they:

The assessment criteria will be based on the following:

  • financial and operational capacity
  • relevance
  • methodology
  • sustainability
  • budget and cost-effectiveness

Frequently asked questions

Managerial and financial aspects

  • any organisation can apply for funding. We do not accept project bids submitted by individuals
  • projects spanning one financial year are permitted (Note: UK financial year runs from 1 April to 31 March)
  • please note that we cannot make pre-payments; the successful bidders should make the payment and then ask us to reimburse these expenses. The implementer should be able to receive money transfers from us
  • organisations must prove that they are able to manage the project sum in a satisfactory manner; the Embassy may request reports by auditors


We regret that we are unable to fund:

  • academic courses
  • charitable activities
  • commercial activities
  • infrastructure or construction projects, or
  • humanitarian aid


  • a partnership framework to support the broader engagement of a project can strengthen your bid
  • other sources of funding should be specified in the project bid
  • British Embassy’s profile in the project must be guaranteed

Evaluation of project bids

  • the application must relate to one or more of the priority objectives
  • the aim of the project should be concise, feasible and sustainable
  • the expected outcomes should be measurable and
  • the target group should be clearly defined and involved in project implementation

Approval, contract and reporting

If the project is approved, the applicant will be given two copies of the contract, outlining the conditions of the grant. One signed copy must be returned to the British Embassy in Ankara.

The Embassy will require monthly financial reports and quarterly project progress reports from implementers. The first payment will be made upon the receipt of monthly financial report. When the project has been completed the implementer shall prepare and send a final report to the Embassy within the period specified in the contract.

Implementation time frame

Successful applicants will implement their projects from April until February. All payment requests should be finalised in the first week of March, with 90% of funding spent by December, and you are advised to plan project activities accordingly.

Proposal templates

Following templates will be used for project proposals:

Proposal Form - £20k to £80k

Proposal Form - over £80k

Activity Based Budget Template

Activity Based Budgeting Guidance

Contact information

If you require further information, please e-mail:


Call for Proposals, covering April 2018 – March 2019 period, is expected to be announced in late March. Please check our website regularly for further information.

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