Anglian waterways: river conditions, closures and restrictions

Strong stream advice, river conditions, reach closures and restrictions affecting boaters on Anglian waterways.

Applies to England

Strong Stream Advice

The Environment Agency issues Strong Stream Advice (SSA) to inform river users when river levels are increasing and when locks are being prepared to discharge flood water. Notice boards, flags and lights are displayed prominently on riverbanks to inform boaters of the status of the river and red flags are also raised at several boat clubs. Environment Agency currently issue SSA on the River Ancholme, River Nene and River Great Ouse (Bedford Ouse).

Keep up to date

You can find out if SSA has been issued by calling our 24 hour SSA hotline: 0345 988 1188 or 0845 988 1188. Choose option 1 and listen to the pre-recorded information followed by one of these quick dial codes:

  • Nene: 032112
  • Great Ouse - Bedford to St Ives: 033211
  • Great Ouse - St Ives to Earith: 033212
  • Ancholme: 031212

Find out about call charges.

You can be added to our free Strong Stream Advice (SSA) messaging system. You will receive a voice message on your mobile phone and/or landline. The messages can be sent at any time of day or night.

You can also receive text and email messages. To register for SSA messages call us on 020302 55068 or email

Find more details about improvements to our SSA system including our River Great Ouse SSA system in our Strong Stream Advice - River information for boaters update Oct 2014 (PDF, 242 KB, 1 page).

River closures and restrictions

We also offer an online shared calendar that provides up to date information on river conditions for boating on Anglian Waterways. This and our other river calendars can be accessed on our Northampton Marina website via Although this shouldn’t be a replacement for registering your details with us to receive river advice for boaters, you may find it useful and you can refer back to it regularly and create a subscription to get notifications sent in a way that you want, when you want.


For more information email or call our National Customer Call Centre on 03708 506 506.

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Published 1 April 2014
Last updated 13 November 2017 + show all updates
  1. Updated quick dial codes for the Great Ouse.

  2. Closure and restriction information presented in different format to improve user experience.

  3. 3 notices for Great Ouse added - Denver Lock, Brownshill Lock and Cardington Lock.

  4. Navigation notices for the River Nene updated.

  5. Lock closure for Water Newton added.

  6. New notice added for Water Newton Lock. Work on Warmington Lock and Perio Lock cancelled.

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  9. New notices been added to the River Nene.

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  18. Added new restrictions for River Nene.

  19. Additional restriction added for the Ouse for 18 September onwards.

  20. Notices added for River Glen and Great Ouse.

  21. Change to River Nene restriction, 15 September 2015.

  22. Information added under Ouse - repair works taking place on the Canoe Portage located upstream of Castle Mills Lock.

  23. New notices have been added and some notices removed.

  24. Removed older notices.

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  39. Update to Peterborough Embankment, River Nene.

  40. Peterborough pump out now back in operation.

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  44. Updates to closures and restrictions

  45. Removed old notice.

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  47. Lock closure on the Nene added.

  48. Denver Lock closure

  49. New information added and some notices updated.

  50. opening dates for Hermitage lock and Denver lock

  51. Update to Denford Lock closure.

  52. Old notices removed.

  53. New notices added nd some updated

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  55. New notices have been added and some updated.

  56. New closures and restrictions added.

  57. Denver Lock, relief channel lock and pump - power off at denver on 22 August has been cancelled.

  58. Restriction on the Great Ouse, Earith Sluice, now removed.

  59. Sunken boat removed on Great Ouse, therefore notice removed. New restriction for 13 July 2014 on the Great Ouse added.

  60. New notice added.

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  62. New and ammend notices.

  63. Update to closures and restrictions for River Nene and the Great Ouse.

  64. Strong Stream Advice has been issued for the River Nene.

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  66. Additional restrictions for the Great Ouse.

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