Access Forestry Commission datasets

Information on Forestry Commission datasets and how to access them.

You can access Forestry Commission datasets through the Forestry Commission Open Data website, and Forest Research website.

Spatial datasets for use in a Geographical Information System (GIS)

You can download a wide range of Forestry Commission spatial datasets for use in a GIS. Map layers available for either England, Scotland, Wales, or all of Great Britain include:

  • The National Forest Inventory woodland map
  • Forestry Commission England woodland creation headline performance indicator
  • woodland grants
  • felling licences
  • surveys of tree pests and diseases
  • National Forest Estate boundaries, recreation features and roads
  • National Forest Estate sub-compartments showing tree species and habitats

To access these datasets, visit Forestry Commission Open Data.

Open Datasets

You can also download open datasets from Forestry Commission on, including:

  • Forestry Commission England managed woodland headline performance indicator
  • meteorological data from woodland sites

Forest Research statistics

You can download statistics on a wide range of forestry topics from the Forest Research statistics pages.

Statistics data is available for England, Scotland, Wales, Great Britain, or all of the UK, and include tables from the forestry statistics publications covering, for example:

  • woodland area and planting
  • timber
  • trade
  • UK forests and climate change
  • environment
  • recreation
  • employment and businesses
  • finance and prices
  • international forestry

To access these datasets, visit Forest Research’s data download page.

Published 25 September 2018