We work on 4 major aspects of UK-Romanian relations: security, prosperity, consular and Europe. We support British business by offering expert trade advice to UK companies interested to invest or grow in the Romanian market.

Through a dedicated team of political and economic officers, we are working closely with Romania to increase economic growth and competitiveness in the EU. We also play an active role in supporting Romania’s efforts to fulfill its EU commitments. We offer consular assistance to British nationals living or travelling in Romania and work closely with Romanian law enforcement, security and defence authorities to share expertise and develop stronger ties.

How to contact us

For details regarding office hours, embassy address and contact information, including a telephone number for visa enquiries, please check the access and opening times page.

If you wish to email specific teams within our embassy please use the following email addresses:

Our services

Travel advice

Information, news and updates, listed country by country, to ensure you stay safe, avoid problems, and make informed decisions when living or travelling abroad.


How to renew or replace your British passport if you live outside the UK.

Emergency travel documents

We may be able to provide an emergency travel document if you can’t get a new or replacement passport in time to travel. If you are due to travel in the next 24 hours, you should contact our consulate team as soon as possible.

For all other applications, please check what you must bring with you and then make an appointment using the links below. Please call for advice before making an appointment if:

  • you have never applied for a British passport before
  • you are applying on behalf of a child.

An emergency travel document does not guarantee entry to every country. Read what an emergency travel document does.

Book an appointment for an emergency travel document in Bucharest


This embassy does not deal with visa matters. For information on whether you need a visa to travel to the United Kingdom and how to apply, please see the UK Visas and Immigration page.

Jobs and visa frauds

Living in Romania

Information on what UK benefits are available to British nationals living in Romania, on working in Romania and earthquake advice. List of lawyers List of translators & interpreters List of medical facilities List of funeral directors

Births and deaths

From 14 January 2015, UK birth registrations and death registrations in Romania will transfer from the British Embassy in Bucharest to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) in the UK.

There are no changes to the entitlement to register a birth or death. The processing time will remain the same. However, you will now need to allow extra time for the documents to be sent to and from the UK. See www.gov.uk/register-a-birth or www.gov.uk/register-a-death for further information.

Marriages in Romania

Check the legal documents for couples marrying or entering into civil partnerships abroad.

Legalisation service

How to get official confirmation that your UK public documentation is genuine so it can be accepted by foreign authorities. The UK does not require any documents to be legalised for use within the UK.

Consular fees

Details of Consular fees.

Notarial services

Information about notarial services we provide, including on how to book an appointment with us.

Prisoner pack

This guide aims to explain the legal and prison system to British nationals who are imprisoned. You can also read about how to apply for a transfer back to a UK prison.

What we can and cannot do for you

The Support for British Nationals Abroad guide highlights some of the main ways you can help yourself stay safe abroad and what help the consulate can provide.

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Paul Brummell

British Ambassador to Romania

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