We represent British interests in Ethiopia, Djibouti, Somaliland and the African Union. We help boost political, cultural, economic and social relations between them and the UK by offering a wide range of services and funding of various projects.

We encourage, support and develop strong partnerships between Britain and Ethiopia, Djibouti and Somaliland, particularly those which contribute to positive change, stability, conflict prevention and reducing poverty. We will in particular seek to bolster pluralism, accountability and rights.

We work towards the same objectives in respect of the pan-African and regional bodies based in Addis Ababa and the Horn – specifically the African Union, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, and the Intergovernmental Authority for Development . We work closely with other members of the international community in pursuing all these objectives.

We provide balanced and comprehensive reports on the countries and institutions for which we are responsible to our Ministers, media, business and other customers in Britain. We provide friendly, efficient public services as part of our wider efforts to project a positive image of today’s Britain. We work closely together to ensure the achievement of Britain’s goals in the region.

Our services


This Embassy does not deal with visa matters. For information on whether you need a visa to travel to the United Kingdom and how to apply, please see the UK Visas & Immigration

Births, deaths and marriages

Information on how you can register a birth or death which occurred overseas, and legal documents for couples marrying or entering into civil partnerships abroad.

Passports and emergency travel documents

We may be able to provide an emergency travel document if you can’t get a new or replacement passport in time to travel. If you are due to travel in the next 24 hours, you should contact your nearest British Embassy – British Embassy in Addis Ababa as soon as possible.

For all other applications, please check what you must bring with you and then make an appointment at the British Embassy in Addis Ababa using the links below. Please call your nearest British Embassy for advice before making an appointment if:

  • You have never applied for a British passport before
  • You are applying on behalf of a child

An emergency travel document does not guarantee entry to every country. Read what an emergency travel document does.

Book an appointment for an emergency travel document at the British Embassy in Addis Ababa

Travel Advice

Information on staying safe and avoiding problems when living or travelling in Ethiopia with links to our embassies, high commissions and other diplomatic posts across the world.

Legalisation Service

How to get official confirmation that your UK public documentation is genuine so it can be accepted by foreign authorities. The UK does not require any documents to be legalised for use within the UK.

Notarial and Documentary Services in Ethiopia

Click here for a detailed notarial and documentary services guide at the British Embassy in Addis Ababa. Where local notaries can provide services, the British consulate will not provide them.

Suppliers Lists

Lists of Funeral Directors, Hospitals, Lawyers and Translators in Ethiopia. Please note that inclusion in this list does not constitute official endorsement by the British Embassy or the UK government.

Our people

Ambassador  Greg  Dorey

Ambassador Greg Dorey

British Ambassador to Ethiopia

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British Embassy Addis Ababa

Comoros Street
Addis Ababa

For Consular/Passport customers please follow http://ow.ly/RMqkF for details of our services and contact details

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Consular Office Addis Ababa

Comoros Street
Addis Ababa
PO Box 858

Please go to http://ow.ly/RMq7X for details of our services and contact details

UK Nationals calling for Consular assistance (not visas issues) during office hours, please use the Embassy landline. Out of office hours, UK nationals with genuine emergencies only (not visa issues), please call the Embassy landline for connection to our out of hours Call Centre. If unable to connect, please call +251 91 250 1107.

We cannot help with UK Visa matters. Please see 'Our Services' section above for Visa enquiries.

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HM Passport Office Addis Ababa

HM Passport Office Addis Ababa
Comoros Street
Around Kebena
Addis Ababa

Information on how to apply for a British passport from overseas:
E-mail correspondence should be submitted via the online enquiry form at the following web address: www.gov.uk/passport-advice-line or by telephone on +44 (0)300 222 0000.

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British Consulate Djibouti

PO Box 169
Rue de Djibouti


Office hours (GMT)
Sunday to Thursday
6:00- 9:00

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UKTI Ethiopia

Dessalegn Yigzaw, Trade Development Manager
British Embassy, Addis Ababa

Office Hours (Local time):
Monday to Thursday
8:00 - 16:45
8:00 - 13:00

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