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FC Dnipro vs Tottenham Hotspur travel advice

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Advice for fans travelling to Ukraine for Tottenham Hotspur's match with FC Dnipro on 20 February

Game: FC Dnipro vs Tottenham Hotspur

Date: 20 February 2014

Time: 20:00 (local time)

Venue: Dnipro Arena Stadium

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Political situation in Ukraine

  • following current political situation in Ukraine we advise you to pay close attention to your personal security, monitor the media for information about possible safety or security risks, avoid demonstrations and public gatherings, as even peaceful protests may turn violent.
  • There have been demonstrations in Dnipropetrovsk in recent days, some of which have turned violent.
  • please sign up to Travel Advice alerts or follow FCO Travel Advice on social media channels (Facebook, Twitter) to receive updated information and advice.

Passports and visas

  • you don’t need a visa to travel to Ukraine for less than 3 months, but your passport should be valid for the duration of your stay
  • your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is not valid in Ukraine, so travel insurance is essential, even if you’re only going for one night - it could save you a lot of money if you get into difficulties
  • you must carry your original passport with you at all times for identification purposes; ensure your passport is kept safely and keep a photocopy separately from the original document, as this will help speed up the replacement process if needed; ensure that next of kin details are kept up to date
  • if you lose your passport you will need to obtain a police report and apply for Emergency Travel Document (ETD) at the Consular Section of the British Embassy in Kyiv; the fee for ETD is £ 95 (1425 UAH) payable in cash in local currency

At the stadium

  • the Dnipro Arena stadium is located at 7 Khersonska str, 10 minutes walk from the city centre of Dnipropetrovsk; information about Dnipro FC and its stadium can be found on the club website
  • we recommend that you arrive early for the match; there will be ticket checks and body searches at the entrance
  • fireworks, alcohol, poles for flags and any item that can be used as a weapon or thrown onto the pitch will not be allowed into the ground
  • obey instructions from the stadium security to avoid being removed from the stadium and detained by the police
  • drinking alcohol at football matches is banned; police and security staff have the authority to deny entry into the stadium to spectators under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other toxic substances
  • do not smoke at the stadium
  • visiting supporters will be kept behind for around 20 minutes after the match to allow the home fans to disperse


  • as in any other city beware of pickpockets and bag snatchers in crowded areas and tourist spots- only carry what you need and leave spare cash and valuables in hotel safety deposits
  • be wary of accepting drinks in bars from strangers or people you’ve just met in case they have been spiked
  • don’t smoke and drink alcohol in public places
  • don’t get involved with drugs - the penalties are severe
  • drink or use only boiled or bottled water

Contact the British Embassy in Kyiv

British Embassy Kyiv
9 Desyatynna St.
01901 Kyiv

Tel: +380 44 490 3660


Emergency services numbers

101 – Fire

102 – Police

103 – Ambulance

112 – Emergency

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