National Statistics

UK sea fisheries annual statistics report 2018

The 2018 report on the UK commercial fishing industry including statistical tables and underlying data sets.



Please note: Due to the large amount of data provided some files will take longer than normal to download. Contact if you encounter any technical difficulties.

Each statistical table breaks down information by key areas, such as species and landing port. They are presented according to the chapter of the report they relate to.

The following underlying data sets provide full information on landings, both quantity and values, by vessel length (such as 10 metres and under and over 10 metre vessels), gear grouping and species.

Summary of changes to tables

The statistical tables in both the United Kingdom Sea Fisheries Statistics publication itself and accompanying tables may differ slightly from year to year. This summary details changes to the tables since 2006.

Pre-release access list

The pre-release access order 2008 restricts who can see official statistics before they’re published. Ministers and officials are provided with early access for the sole purpose of being able to respond completely when questions arise at the time of release. In line with the Release Practices Protocol, early pre-access is provided no earlier than 24 hours before release.

Published 26 September 2019